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If you really want to see your own comment here don’t type it in the box; just think it very hard and I’ll receive it an put it on. If it doesn’t appear it’s because you haven’t thought hard enough, keep trying to think.

In all other cases, this box is for personal 1-on-1 communication with me. Comments won’t be shown. You should receive an email with a copy of it as both verification (a link to follow—no trackers, no shady business, I promise) and confirmation. You can also contact me on Telegram if you’d rather not reveal your email address.

Speaking of shady, though… My ASN (range of IP addresses assigned to a big organization, like an ISP or cloud host), 26347; owned by New Dream Network, LLC AKA DreamCompute, AKA DreamHost is blacklisted. My IP addresses, (used for email) are clean, but if the ASN isn’t, it’s game over. Be sure that any email automated or not coming from me will be placed in the junk mailbox, keep that in mind if you see nothing in your inbox.

Regardless, my domain and servers are set with all safety measures (SPF/DKIM/DMAR…) to let you know if email allegedly coming from me was spoofed. Your email client or provider will warn you, even if already in junk mail.