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Fix Server Manager data retrieval failures (WS-Management Envelope Size)


AdminPowerShell(oneLine): Set-Item -Path WSMan:\localhost\MaxEnvelopeSizeKb -Value 8192

Sometimes in Server Manager you’ll get an error where you can’t get information from other servers.

Manageability: Online – Data retrieval failures occurred

When you click to get more information about the error you get:

servername : Configuration refresh failed with the following error: The WS-Management server cannot process the request. The computed response packet size (519883) exceeds the maximum envelope size that is allowed (512000).

A well-adjusted person would think something is wrong with the remote server, ZPLEX in the example above and it’d be understandable if you went immediately to the remote server looking for something wrong. The something-something exceeds something else, this has clearly an accusatory tone to it: the envelope must be sent smaller so it doesn’t exceed whatever it’s exceeding. It makes sense.

But this is Microsoft software, nothing makes sense. Nothing is straightforward.

Before you go and screw up your remote server, open an Administrative PowerShell in the local server, execute Set-Item -Path WSMan:\localhost\MaxEnvelopeSizeKb -Value 8192

It will behave like BASH, meaning: if it didn’t return any crap, it went through correctly. Refresh Server Manager, information should be pulled correctly now.

Most of the time I use PowerShell because it can also run standard Command Prompt commands. Sometimes an elevated session (Administror-level user, administrative) isn’t even needed, but if it isn’t needed it could not hurt so I go with that.

When Microsoft decided to distract people with PowerShell instead of doing a good GUI, they assigned new names to the old commands and gave them shortcuts using their old names plus shortcuts using what a matching command would be in BASH.

For instance, move is now Move-Item, or mv in BASH. dir is now Get-ChildItem, or ls in BASH.

To fix this Envelope nonsense they didn’t come up with a different version though, if you want to use a Command Prompt window (cmd.exe) you need to run the following:

To get the current envelope size: winrm get winrm/config you’ll get a lot of data, make your windows taller or scroll up, the value will be on the very first of the Config section.

To set a working value: winrm set winrm/config @{MaxEnvelopeSizekb="8192"}

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