Author: Gustavo Domínguez

  • Change the Remote Desktop Services Service Certificate

    I’m going to skip past how to get such a certificate and go directly into how to apply it ’cause I tend to go way off track very easily. I know about three ways of achieving this: PowerShell Group Policy Microsoft Easy Fix (big asterisk on this one, tell you later) PowerShell Step 1. Import […]

  • Focused Monotone 2: Lines of the Cokewhore’s Mirror

    Focused Monotone 2: Lines of the Cokewhore’s Mirror

    This document still needs basic editing, spellchecking, etc. A couple of years ago I was ADHD-clicked my way into creating a Firefox theme, Focused Monotone. I meant it to be subdued, and for once make a third party browser blend with the OS instead of looking like a carnival next to the rest of the […]

  • I think I may be in the closet

    Since I can remember I’ve been drawn to color and bold visual statements and I’ve dabbled with toys in my alone time to see how much I like it. To see how deep I like it. And just as I feared, I seem to have a whole that cannot be filled no matter how much […]