Cancelling Amazon Prime

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I decided to cancel Amazon Prime because it’s no faster than standard (included) shipping and has no other perks while being actually more expensive.

Most of the past year whenever I chose to shop on Amazon to make use of the alleged benefits of my Amazon Prime membership and get things faster I ended up waiting much more than if I’d had shopped elsewhere.

For starters, Prime shipping in this country is not next day shipping but 2-day shipping instead. Not that it matters anyway because products take at least 3 days to fulfill. If I order on Sunday, I won’t be getting anything until next Saturday–Friday if I’m lucky.

Shipping for non-Prime customers though it takes a week, somehow it’s fulfilled faster amounting to the same time from buying time to shipping time. I did the test with another account. The only difference is how much time the product spends with the courier otherwise you’ll get your shit at the same time but you’ll actually pay more with Prime.

Furthermore, I strongly believe shipping should always be free. Shopping retail you don’t pay for shipping because you can go get things yourself. Amazon doesn’t have a place where you can go get things yourself –at least not in my region– so why should you pay for their shortcomings. If it had, then I’m OK with Amazon, or any other store, charging for the commodity of delivering the things to you or delivering the things to you at a faster rate (i.e; shipping rates).

Region Blocks

But, you may argue, Amazon Prime is not only fast (or “free”) shipping, the membership also includes Amazon Prime Video, blahblah Music, Twitch and whatnot.

Well, yes but not really. These services are region-blocked. Though you can get a Prime membership easily for another region –and for a moment I had, before I realized I was paying for Prime in two countries– you’ll be billed double. Unlike other services such as Netflix that no matter where you are, it’s one bill, they’ll just change the content. You need to get a new membership for each country you visit and, you need to be in the matching region for the content to stream.

I’m using several tunneling layers for a number of different reasons and therefore I can’t use any of the membership extras.

So now I have no faster than normal (i.e; free) shipping and no extra services because all are region-blocked –even Twitch, I still don’t know what the fuck is Twitch but I saw that my membership included that and when I tried it the sign up failed because of the region blocks– so the last thing one might consider keep paying for this bullshit is small ticket items that don’t qualify for free delivery (though, as I mentioned before, they all should be delivered for free if there’s no way for you to go get them).

Again, not really. Free shipping starts at $600, local currency, but not all products qualify for Prime either. The average minimum is around $150-$200 and we’re talking about very sketchy/crappy products. In order to make you membership worthwhile you’d have to order at least 6 times in a month, I’m being extremely generous, imagining we have an awesome $100-marked product and I’m choosing a month because, in addition to yearly, you can pay monthly for the membership.

What costs $150? A metal reusable straw. A mousepad. In other words: crap. Is that worth the environmental pollution accelerated shipping–yet still slow fulfillment–does? I really don’t think so.

So what are my options? Complaining to Amazon? Of course not, they’d cite the loophole that the 2-way period is for shipping, not for fulfillment+shipping. I’d only get aggravated anyway because only products fulfilled by Amazon whatever the fuck that means –though it strongly suggest Amazon has full control of the shit being inventoried, sold and shipped– and yet they wait a full fucking week to move their automated asses to send shit.

I’m just a single number in a massive client base so they won’t listen to me nor offer any solution whatsoever. The best I can do is to cancel the bullshit, use free shipping instead to save some money and walk to a local store and give the city some business if I need to get fucking metal straws, mousepads and other assorted crap.

I’m just saying…

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